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Target QUIKRETE Liquid Cement Colour – Buff



QUIKRETE? Cement Colour – Buff (131722) – QUIKRETE? Cement Colour is a liquid coloring agent used to customize the color of your concrete project. Mix with water and then add to dry concrete mix. One bottle will mix with two 80 lb. or 60 lb. bags of Concrete Mix. Available in Red, Brown, Buff, Charcoal.

Available In:

  • 296 ml (12 per case)

Used For:

  • Adding color to Walk Maker? projects
  • Adding color to any concrete, mortar, sand topping or stucco project
  • Permanent integral color


  • Add colour to a variety of projects including: curbs, driveways, fishponds, and stucco


  • Each bottle of Cement Colour will colour up to two 80 lb (36.3 kg) bag of QUIKRETE? Concrete, Mortar, or Sand Mix.
  • More intense colour can be achieved by using additional Cement Colour.
  • Do not use more than one bottle per 60lb (27.2 kg)


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