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Coloured Floor Hardener


TARGET? Coloured Floor Hardener Red-Grey (Red 9991160, Med Gray 991157, Lt Gray 991173) – TARGET? Coloured Floor Hardener is a specially formulated product containing accurately weighed cementitious materials, high quality colouring pigments and natural angular mineral aggregates which have been graded to particle sizes for flooring work.

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  • TARGET Colored Floor Hardener is used to beautify plain concrete floors and at the same time provide a harder surface which is more durable and abrasion resistant than plain concrete.
  • Typical applications include industrial buildings, shopping centers, public buildings, cafeterias, theaters, sidewalks and driveways.


  • Since the aggregates in TARGET Colored Floor Hardener are non-metallic, they are non-rusting and suitable for both interior and exterior use.


  • Rates of application vary with the planned traffic conditions and the depth of color required.
  • Typical rates are: Minimum – 75 lb/100 ft_ – (37 kg/10 m_) Maximum – 100 lb/100 ft_ – (50 kg/10 m_)

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