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ENERFOAM Professional Foam Sealant




Enerfoam Professional Foam Sealant is designed to form a durable, airtight, water resistant bond to common building substrates such as wood, brick, concrete, foam board and most plastics. Its foam skin repels and deflects water, which can help reduce the potential for moisture damage to wood substrates. It is a one-component, minimal expanding, flexible polyurethane foam used for adhering insulated concrete forms, architectural foam and drywall, and sealing cracks and voids such as pipe penetrations.

Features & benefits

Feature Benefit
Minimally expanding
  • Generates an effective, airtight seal
  • Retains elasticity as structure expands and compresses
  • Resists free passage of flames to other areas through concealed spaces (US only)
Quick and easy application
  • Dispensing guns enable pinpoint application control
  • Helps save time and money on site
Fills cracks and voids
  • Reduces pathways where insects can enter
  • Can reduce drywall nail pops


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