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TARGET? Garnet – C (9992792) – TARGET? Garnet – C is a naturally occurring almandite garnet, the hardest of all known garnet types. All grades have a Moh?s hardness of 7-8, with a specific gravity of 3.75-4.3g/cm3

Available In:

  • 25 kg (55 lb) 40 bags/pallet
  • 1 MT 1000 kg Bulk Bag 1/pallet
Used For:

  • TARGET “C” Garnet is suitable for sandblasting, textile blasting (jeans), water filtration, glass and tube blasting, anti-slip coating, water jet cutting, abrasive applications, tumbling media and non-skid surfaces.


  • The angular to sub angular particle size is proven to be very fast cutting, and provides a super clean surface for protective coating applications.
  • TARGET “C” Garnet is chemically inert, with less than 1% free silica and not heavy metals.
  • TARGET “C” Garnet is recoverable and reusable.

Classified by Fisheries and Oceans as:

  • Having moderate to low toxicity to fish, i.e. 96-h LC50 > 100 mg/L. (Test value was >70000 mg/L.)
  • Not known to be persistent and not likely to accumulate in animal tissues.

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