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OFF-BASE Synthetic Stucco Remover



Powerful EIFS Cleaner

Off Base Tool Cleaner is a thixothropic stripping compound designed for removing EIFS coatings and epoxies from masonry, wood and metal surfaces. It also removes oil, grease and waxes from concrete decks, tile and terrazzo floors.

  • Removes Hardened EIFS Synthetic Stucco & Stucco
  • Cleans and Removes EIFS & Stucco From Tools
  • Removes EIFS & Stucco From Concrete, Brick, Glass & Wood
  • Effectively removes yellowed sealers and wax build-up as well as a variety of EIFS, paint coatings and graffiti.
  • Specially formulated for removing the toughest coatings – effectively removes EIFS, Stucco, epoxy, polyurethanes and other high strength coatings.
  • Excellent for stripping oil, grease and built-up coatings from concrete decks.

Not for Use on Painted or Anodized Finishes


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